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the battleground states favor obama slightly. here is obama and hire is romney. don't forget our old pal gary. and estimated 263 electoral votes 210 for romney. you know what this reminds me and this is like new hampshire. the fact that the election if romney can win states like ohio and colorado it could really draw them closer. think we'll see this race get closer and closer and closer and closer, so close you can -- whoa >> we're cutting that. to about 30 seconds. bill, you cut your teeth on the dukakis campaign. >> first of all i have to correct on that. i cut the teeth by saying the word dukakis and it was painful. you go with dick morris who wrote the column saying it's likes being on tv and you go to nate silver, who is usually right. and he is usually right. >> let me say something of nate silver. idea that he wants to make friends, he can actually swing any votes towards obama is ludicrous. in the business that you are in, it's not a good thing. why would he cook the books if he knows he is wrong. he is going to look like a slub. >> i was going to say that. >> he didn't steal your th
kerr, but some of the states that were strong obama like minnesota that are now in the lean obama column, and they have to send bill clinton out today to minnesota to try to help. >help. >> sean: i'm here to save my buddy, barack obama. >> the headlines coming out of that were so bad, i wouldn't have sent him in the first place. >> sean: here's the deal. they gotta send joe biden to pennsylvania because the polls are so close. michigan is tied, wisconsin is tied, colorado, romney is up, virginia he's up, florida he's up, and we have rasmussen now showing the moment ump has shifted in ohio. if i'm barack obama, there's no poll now moving in his direction, juan, and states that he won by huge margins, he's either tied or just slightly ahead. that's a problem for him. >> well, look. i don't think anyone debates the idea it's going to be a very close race, but the numbers you put out. >> sean: which ones? >> they're all sided. >> ask juan about the npr poll. >> go ahead, dana. >> let's talk about the npr poll. an 8-point swing? >> there's a margin of error, dana. hold on. dana was aro
of the united states of america. >> what is the big deal. >> sean: like losing your virginity for obama. >> it's a joke, tucker. >> i actually like sex jokes, personally. let me just say, i mean, you would really have to be a liberal to believe that voting was on the same moral plane as like sex. i mean, one is like something you have t to do in order to secure your freedom. the other is something you do for fun, you enjoy doing. >> it's a joke. i don't think she really thinks that. >> i'm not mad. >> sean: answer the question. there's nothing cute about that ad. >> wouldn't a normal reelection campaign say vote for me because of all the great things i did over the last four years, here's what they are. >> they've done that. >> really? i haven't seen that. >> this ad is targeted at liberal elite women. >> sean: that want free birth control. >> it's just a tar ye targeted d towards this group. it's not against the law. >> it's not targete targeted to. >> sean: tur 2ubger, this is desperation, this is desperation. they can't run on their record. this isn't big bird bs, we're stuck with garbage,
on election day. how do you lose that things? they are on a map. obama expected to win the states easily, but he may just have a slim lead. what do you protect -- project and will romney win any of the states? >> please not the muss stash. i like that he doesn't give a darn about whether he shaves his muss stash. jay you know why he is shaving it some pelosi says it tickles. >> tom, what do you make of this? does this guy just want an excuse to shave? >> because he was making out with spa low see? with pelosi. >> i don't want to fall with a joke. >> i am glad he picked something with high stakes. i have worked tirelessly to get him elected. if he loses those states. i will shave my face. >> what else does he do, have a cheese burger? >> what is the counter suit? somebody else will shave. >> maybe they will grow a muss stash. >> he was wearing an izod under a sweater with the collar coming up. >> i thought that was a good back. >> sometimes i put it out there because i am too lazy. >> i think that -- david axel rod, michelle obama and valerie jarret, they all work together at the same hos
you will agree with me, but there is something about obama a man called barak hussein obama could be elected to the united states. it per son gnaw fies the dream to many around the world. they don't have to live whim h on a day day-to-day basis. romney's foreign policy tour didn't go very well. the whole republican staying and loving in the bedroom and very interesting thicks. that's not been reported favorably. >> what do the europeans know? >> about the bedroom, nothing. >> my point is that they are very slow on the up take. >> i like this argument. they like him because he is barak hussein obama and they like him because he is black. and it would never happen in europe because they have nazi parties at parliament. well well you have an mep. >> that's the representation. jay it doesn't matter. -- >> it doesn't matter. he is a member of the european parliament. it is like, just don't bring him over here. she great in america, super awesome. >> i don't know, michael. i tend to disagree. i think london is far more advanced. they have people preaching the the merits of allah. >> the
Search Results 0 to 7 of about 8 (some duplicates have been removed)